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5 Tips to Fight Puffiness

5 Tips to Fight Puffiness

Whatever the reason–too many after-work drinks, an abundance of salty snacks (chips and guac, we just can’t quit you!), or lack of sleep–waking up to puffy skin in the morning is no fun. Here are five ways to fight the puff.

Use a Depuffing Eye Serum.

Ocean Eyes

We’ve got just the thing. Our new Ocean Eyes, age-defying serum helps reduce puffiness under the eyes with a clinically tested quinoa extract that acts as a peptide. But that’s not all! Our do-it-all serum also minimizes the look of dark circles, fine lines, and crow’s feet and hydrates skin. This stuff cools on contact, courtesy of a metal rollerball applicator, and awakens the entire eye area. Anti-aging seaweed brightens and fights wrinkles, while a bark extract targets dark circles. Undereye puffiness? Gone. Fine lines and wrinkles? Smoothed over. The best part? Those results can be seen immediately and over time.

Brightening & firming

In a third-party study, women participants had great results:

  • 87% said skin around the eyes felt immediately hydrated*
  • 97% agreed skin looked smoother & firmer*
  • 97% said skin skin around the eyes looked more awake*
  • 97% said eye area looked brighter & dark circles less noticeable*
  • 94% said it reduced the look of under eye bags & puffiness*
  • 94% said lines, crow’s feet, & wrinkles looked less visible*

*Based on a four-week third-party consumer perception study of 32 women ages 37-65.

Dab on Eye Cream.

Advanced Repair Eye Cream

Our new eye serum is super efficacious on its own. However, for added moisture, you’ll want to top it off with a generous dose of our beloved Advanced Repair Eye Cream. It’s the easiest-ever trick for wide-awake eyes and takes just seconds to apply. Not only does it feel incredible, but it makes concealer go on so much easier. It also smooths the look of skin for a more youthful appearance. We loaded our eye cream with skin-smoothing bladderwrack seaweed, green microalgae and DPHP (dipalmitoyl hydroxyproline), a plant-derived amino acid, to visibly firm skin, brighten the entire eye area and leave it feeling unbelievably supple.

Targeted age repair

Advanced Repair Eye Cream

Give Yourself a Cooling Face Massage.

Here’s our not-so-secret recipe for depuffing all over: First, apply a few pumps of our heavenly scented and moisturizing Essential Hydrating Oil to your face. Then, starting at the neck, glide our jade Gua Sha Sculptor upward in long, gentle strokes, moving on to the jawline, cheeks, eye area, and forehead. Watch our quick tutorial here. Gua sha feels so good and instantly makes your skin look smoother and a touch more sculpted. Pro tip: Store your tool in the fridge for an extra-cooling, depuffing effect and seriously glowy results. You can also tap into the age-old (and ice-cold) sculpting trick of massaging an ice cube onto skin in upward movements for a chilling and depuffing effect.

Anti-aging face oil

At-home facial tool

Water (and a Water Cream) Is Key.

Seabiotic Water Cream

Drink water regularly (eight glasses a day, to be exact). You’ll also want to “water” your face each morning with our Seabiotic Water Cream. It’s packed with Undaria seaweed and plant-derived squalane to load the skin with continuous hydration for 72+ hours. It sinks in so quickly that you’ll realize your skin was dehydrated and you didn’t even know it. Skin feels replenished and looks immediately smoother and younger.

Next wave hydration

Seabiotic® Water Cream
Award Winner

Ditch the Salt.

You can slather yourself in all of the clinically proven skincare you want, but preventing puffiness in the long term requires making a few small lifestyle changes, too. You know the drill: Get plenty of sleep, minimize your alcohol intake, reduce your salt consumption and incorporate more potassium-rich foods into your diet (think bananas and avocados–delicious). Combined with results-driven skincare, you’ll be on your way to depuffed and supremely smooth skin in no time!