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  • Mineralize + moisturize for a full-body glow

    Undaria Algae Body OilUndaria Algae Body Oil
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  • Firming hydration for silky skin

  • Clinically proven anti-aging moisture boost

    Hyaluronic Sea SerumHyaluronic Sea Serum
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  • Mineralizing marine cleanser

  • Daily moisturizer for a hydrating barrier

  • The ultimate anti-aging moisturizer

    Advanced Protection CreamAdvanced Protection Cream
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  • A creamy, soothing, makeup-removing cleanser

  • Gentle exfoliator for smooth, glowing skin

    Salts of the Earth Body ScrubSalts of the Earth Body Scrub
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  • Minimize shine and balance hydration

    Blemish BalmBlemish Balm
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  • Age-defying skincare for your body

    Undaria Algae Body ButterUndaria Algae Body Butter
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  • Clarifying cleanser

  • Age-defying essential eye cream

  • Moisture glow

  • A brightening mask that visibly plumps and nourishes skin

  • The superpower of skin-softening undaria seaweed

    Undaria Body DuoUndaria Body Duo
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  • A targeted essential oil blend to activate relaxation

    Vagus Nerve OilVagus Nerve Oil
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  • Brightening + firming seaweed-infused eye gel

  • Detoxifying mask for congested skin

  • Next wave hydration

    Seabiotic® Water CreamSeabiotic® Water Cream
    award winner
  • Polish and nourish with this exfoliating power couple

    Body Exfoliation DuoBody Exfoliation Duo
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Cleansing and moisturizing are the building blocks of a successful skincare routine. What do you do when your skin needs an extra burst of nourishment? Toning is a quick and easy step to refresh skin, whether it’s after a cleanse or in the middle of a busy day.

Our convenient toning mists balance your complexion, add extra hydration, and give you that bouncy, youthful glow. Spray on our Sea Minerals Mist to rebalance and cool the skin and provide extra nutrients. Additionally, toning can help restore your skin’s pH balance to an optimal state and reduce exposure to unwanted environmental effects that can leave skin looking and feeling dull. Using a mineral-rich toner regularly has been proven to improve the tightness of pores, minimizing their appearance.

For a toning and soothing step, turn to our Sea Vitamin Boost. This vegan mist features a proprietary blend of seaweed and pomegranate that wakes up and nourishes the skin. Our toning mist provides lasting hydration and a plumping anti-aging effect for a radiant look.

OSEA Malibu is all about honoring the body and rewarding skin with refreshing ingredients that come from the earth. Our seaweed-derived formulas provide beneficial vitamins and minerals so you can feel confident about putting your best face forward. What’s more, our products are PETA-certified as vegan and recognized as cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny International.