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Content License

The basics

You are providing images and/or videos (“Content”) to OSEA International, LLC (“OSEA” or “we”), in order for OSEA to use your Content to promote the OSEA brand.

If you don’t agree to the terms of this license agreement, please don’t provide OSEA any Content. OSEA is not under any obligation to use any of the Content that you provide to us, although we are definitely appreciative that you are participating!

What do I get in exchange for making Content?

You will get FREE OSEA product for your own use, and in order to make the Content. For clarity, OSEA will not pay you any money to make or use Content.

What rights am I giving to OSEA?

You agree that OSEA can use the Content for any commercial purpose, which means for advertising and marketing purposes (including paid ads), and other various uses on our website, social media and advertising collateral, throughout the World. OSEA agrees that only we will use your Content that you provide to us (we won’t give it to anyone else), and only during the Usage Period, set forth below.

How long can OSEA use my Content?

OSEA will have rights to use Content to create new usages for one (1) year, starting from the date we first publicly display the Content in something that we create (the “Usage Period”). For example, if OSEA first uses your Content in an OSEA Instagram post (“Post”) on July 15, 2024, on that day the one-year clock begins to tick down for OSEA to make other new uses of the Content that was featured in the Post.

When the Usage Period time expires, does OSEA have to take down my Content?

No, OSEA is not required to take down Content that was used during the Display Period. That use can be archived forever (for example, a static Instagram post on OSEA’s Instagram channel does not have to be removed), but no NEW uses are permitted after the Usage Period has expired.

Will OSEA give me credit for capturing the Content?

Generally no, OSEA will not provide photo credits or tags of the Creator, due to how OSEA plans to use the Content.

Do I still own the Content?

Yes! You are providing OSEA with a license to use your Content for only the above time period.

What can I do with the Content?

It’s your Content, you can do whatever you want with it! The only thing you cannot do is provide the Content to another cosmetic or skincare company for their use.

What do I need to promise OSEA about the Content?

You must promise OSEA that you are over 18 years old, and that you alone captured the Content, and that you used equipment to capture the Content that you had the right to use. You must promise that you signed a model release if you are featured in the Content, and/or if you feature anyone else in the Content, that they are over 18 years old too, and also signed the model release!

How do I get a model release?

OSEA has one for you to use! Please follow the link at

Can I tell OSEA that I don’t like how my Content is being used?

Of course, you can let us know if you don’t like how OSEA is using your Content. We will NEVER feature your Content in a way that features you in a bad light or in a way that a reasonable person may find offensive. But we still welcome your feedback and while we cannot promise that we will stop the usage, we definitely encourage Creator feedback about this program and any of our usages of your Content.


If you have any questions about any of this, please do not hesitate to reach out to OSEA directly at Melissa Reisor (