The Best Serums for Smooth, Glowing Skin

The Best Serums for Smooth, Glowing Skin

A serum is a thin yet potent substance that’s applied after you cleanse and before you moisturize. These powerful treatments are loaded with concentrated ingredients designed to target specific skin concerns (like dullness, dryness, loss of elasticity, and enlarged pores, to name just a few). Serums can deliver big benefits—such as increased hydration and smoothed lines—for every skin type. Now let’s get to work to find the right one for you!

How to Pick Your Perfect Facial Serum

Hyaluronic Sea Serum

Our hyaluronic serum is a best seller for a reason: It works like a dream. This fast-absorbing treatment is clinically proven to instantly increase hydration and smooth the appearance of fine lines while it draws water-based moisture to the skin like a magnet. In fact, after one use, 100% of users immediately showed an increase in hydration!* It also minimizes the appearance of all lines, including fine lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, laugh lines and yes, even frown lines.* So how exactly does this magic work? Two molecular weights of hyaluronic acid, seaweed and snow mushroom, work together to optimize moisture levels in the skin, keeping it soft all day. Also nice: The silky gel texture feels absolutely incredible on the skin.

*Based on a four-week third-party clinical study of 32 women ages 37-65 (including expert skin grading, instrumental measurements, and consumer perception).

Clinically proven anti-aging moisture boost

Hyaluronic Sea Serum
Best Seller

For Resurfaced Skin + Smoothed Pores

Seaglow Overnight Serum AHA Treatment

Our twice-weekly nighttime treatment uses a blend of acids with a concentration of over 11%, including AHAs, phytic acid, and tropical fruit enzymes, to exfoliate while you sleep for soft, smooth, radiant skin by morning. This “I’ll do the work while you dream'' serum minimizes the look of pores for skin that looks totally transformed. In addition to resurfacing skin, our new serum uses fermented shiunko oil, red algae, spirulina and seawater to reinforce the skin’s moisture barrier. As the acids slowly work their way into the skin overnight, these nourishing ingredients minimize irritation for an absolutely dreamy exfoliating experience that’s perfect for all skin types. The results of the consumer trials for our new serum are pretty amazing. After one use, 97% agreed that it immediately helped reveal smoother-feeling skin. 94% agreed that after two weeks, it had smoothed the look of pores. And 97% agreed that after four weeks, skin felt retexturized, with 94% agreeing that skin felt and looked totally transformed.* Totally transformed? Yes, please!

*Based on a four-week third-party consumer-perception study of 32 women ages 37-65.

Overnight resurfacing treatment serum

For Brighter, Smoother + Firmer Skin

Anti-Aging Sea Serum

If you took all of the ingredients that have been shown to help skin look its very best at any age, you would have a mixture of seaweed (rich in potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron), niacinamide (to smooth skin and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles), natural peptides (to make skin feel firmer and create a more even complexion), vitamin C (to improve brightness and radiance) and ceramides (to hydrate while supporting the skin’s own moisture barrier). In other words, you would have a beautiful bottle of our very own Anti-Aging Sea Serum for healthy, radiant skin at any age. But don’t just take our word for it: After two weeks of use, 94% agreed skin looked hydrated, smoother, and softer*. And after four weeks, 91% agreed that skin looked more youthful and even, while 88% said the look of lines and wrinkles had improved and skin looked firmer*.

*Based on a four-week third-party consumer-perception study conducted on 32 women ages 37-65.

A super serum for brighter days